When will this event be held?
March 26th - April 1st 2023
Can I include original characters?
Yes, you are more than welcome to include any original characters.
**Are ships allowed? / Do we have to include ships? **
All works - ship focused or not - are more than welcomed.
**What ships are ships? / What sex dynamics are allowed? **
All Denji ships and all dynamics are allowed. However, please remember to tag ships and dynamics adequately.
Can characters be trans or genderbent?
Are there rules of what can or can't be included in submissions?
Yes! And you can find that list HERE. Anything not listed here is fair game - all we ask is that you indicate any and all content triggers or warnings appropriately and are clear with your tags.
What tags should I use to make sure my submissions are include in event promotions?
Tag your works with #DenjiWeek if it is SFW or use #DenjiWeekNSFW if your piece is NSFW.
If you so wish to, you also have the option of tagging our account(s) @denjizine; to ensure we see it.
Do I have to sign up?
No sign up is required. Simply remember to tag your work with our event tags and post your works during the appropriate dates to be included.
Do we have to create something for every prompt?
No -- you can pick how ever many or how ever few prompts you'd like to do. You are also welcome to mix and match prompts.
Am I allowed to post late?
Yes, we will be accepting submissions up to two weeks after the last official date! Which is April 15th!
Have a question you don't see listed here?
Shoot us a DM or submit an ask on Retrospring!

MUST BE 18+ TO PARTICIPATE!Content posted must NOT include...
- Suicide related deaths or anything related to self-harm
- Works including the misuse or sexual presentation of bodily fluids including but not limited to blood, urine, spit, vomit and fecal matter/bile
- NSFW works that include or depict minors in any capacity. Canon underaged characters must be aged up for NSFW works.

Additionally ALL works posted must...
- Must be new/not apart of an existing body of work.
- Be tagged appropriately with ships, dynamics, potential triggers and warnings.
- Posted to Social Media during the official posting period or during the 2 week grace period.
- Include appropriate tracking tags which are #DenjiWeek for SFW submissions and #DenjiWeekNSFW for NSFW submissions.

Project Announcement
December 16th
Schedule Reveal
(Denji Week First then the Wildcard Zine)
December 21st
Denji Week Interest Check
January 4th to January 31st
Denji Week
March 26th to April 1st
Wildcard Zine Interest Check
April 10th to May 12th
Mod Prep
May 12th - May 24th
Contributor Applications
May 25th to June 25th
Guest Invitations
June 2nd
Contributor App Results
June 30th
Creation Period Begins
July 1st
Check In One - August 1st
Check In Two - Sepetember 1st
Check In There - October 1st
Creation Period Ends
October 15th
Pre-Orders Period
October 31st - November 30th
Zine Digital Delivery
December 15th

What is a zine?
A zine, pronounced ZEEN, is an independently published collection of illustrations, comics, short stories, and various other forms of creative content. Typically centered around a specific media, theme, character or pairing.
What is this zine about? / What is the zine's theme?
Wildcard is an unofficial zine centered around the character Denji from Tatsuki Fujimoto’s hit anime and manga Chainsaw Man and his relationships with other characters in the series.
The theme of the zine is centralized around the concept of a wildcard in poker and various other card games. A wildcard is a card that's value, meaning and ability change depending on who is using it. Similarly to how Denji changes depending on who is "using" him (or rather whose influence he is under). Overall a wildcard's influence and ability to change the tides of a game is known to be unpredicatable.Contributors will not be required to adhere to this theme in their contributions but it is encouraged.What is the format of this zine?
We are a fully digital zine that will have some digital merch!
What kind of content will be in this zine?
Fanart (in the form of merch, page pieces and spot illustrations) as well as Fan Fiction.
What is the zine's rating?
The main book "Wildcard" will be a SFW and include ratings G-T.
Will other forms of media be included (cosplay, poetry, music etc.)?
Unfortunately, we will not be including any other alternative forms of media.
Who can apply as a contributor? And do you need to have past zine experience?
Any artist or writer that is 18 years of age or older can apply; no prior zine experience is necessary.
Is this zine for profit or for charity?
This project will be a completely Non-profit/For charity zine.
How will contributors be compensated?
All contributors will receive a digital copy of the zine free of charge.
Are ships allowed?
Yes, ships are allowed in addition to Gen/Platonic dynamics.
What ships are allowed?
All Denji ships are allowed, though all may not appear.
What time zone does this zine operate in? And what country is it based out of?
Our team is located internationally primarily out of the UK and US. Deadlines and our schedule will follow the UTC-7 time zone.
Will guest contributors be invited?
Yes. The mod team will be inviting 4 guest contributors! 2 Writers and 2 Artists.
Will this project be a limited run? Or will there be an opportunity to buy again after the initial sale period?
This is a limited-run project. Pre-orders will not run longer than 60 days.
If chosen as a contributor, can I post my zine piece on social media?
Of course! However - in order to maintain zine exclusivity, we will request that you refrain from sharing your piece till the conclusion of the zine. During wrap-up procedures, we will have a promotional period for your completed works.
How will deadlines, submissions, and other important information be distributed?
For supporters and applicants of this zine, all important information will be communicated via our social media platforms. For our contributors, discord will be our primary means of communication.
Can contributors be anonymous?
Contributors do have the option of being credited anonymously. However, anonymous contributors will still be required to join the zine discord server.
Is gender-bending or trans-gender characters allowed?

MUST BE 18+ TO PARTICIPATE!Artist Guidelines
- 3 Works plus a General Portfolio
Your portfolio can be a google drive folder, your social media website, tracking tags etc.
- At least ONE of your works must be related to Chainsaw Man- At least ONE of your works must have a background. However, backgrounds do not have to be complex. (Basically, no solid color backgrounds.)You will be evaluated on: General Crop and Composition of the Piece, Use of Color and/or Shades, Overall Balance and Harmony of the piece(s) at First Impression
Writer Guidelines
- 3 Fics plus a General Portfolio
Your portfolio can be a google drive folder, your Ao3/FF.net/Wattpad etc., or a personal website, tracking tags etc.
- The word count of ALL the fic samples submit must not collectively exceed 7K words. But can be broken up how you see fit.- At least ONE of your works must be related to Chainsaw Man- At least ONE of your fic must be a complete and stand alone story.You will be evaluated on: General Composition and Cohesiveness of the Fic, Pacing, Spelling/Grammar, and your Ability to Write a Complete Story within a Limited Word Count.

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